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help buying and riding the elevator at Victor Emmanuel Monument (Rome from the sky)

I'm so confused with different information. It looks like I can't buy just tickets to the elevator to get to the top. . $15 for elevator and museum. RS says last elevator ticket sold 45 minutes before closing, but I do not see a place to buy an elevator ticket or does he just mean the combo ticket has be bought by then? I've read to get to the elevator, you first climb steps to the cafe, take the elevator to the cafe and then the glass elevator to the top. Is this correct? I take it the elevator access is not inside the museum. Finally, do I need to go clear to the top (in glass elevator) or are the views from the cafe just as good? We will be there March 19th so I assume it wont be too busy that maybe we can purchase tickets that day if we want to do Rome from the Sky. Thank you for all your help!!!

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When we first arrived in Rome we went to the top of the building, not up the elevator. It was down the street from our hotel and we wanted to walk. Anyway, later in the week we decided to go up the elevator, we got tickets there (precovid). It isn’t worth the price or wait. The views from the first level are just as beautiful. Don’t stress over it. If you find yourself there with no line and you have time then go for it.

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thank you Barbara for the info, but more importantly, for the friendly reminder to not stress! I'm a planner and sometimes it gets in the way of having fun.