Help - bus or train - Sorrento to Bari to connect to ferry

I have reservations on the ferry leaving Bari for Dubrovnik on Sat., 6/1/13. I need to check in at the ferry dock no later than 8:00 p.m. I am trying to get more info on the Trenitalia site but they show only 3 trains from Caserta to Bari. I know the Napoli to Caserta is Regional and they don't sell tickets on that ahead but I'm trying to get the best price for the Caserta/Bari route. The times or either too early to connect or a little later arriving at Bari at 18:48 which makes me a little nervous as I'm not sure how easy it is to get from the train station to the ferry dock. The German rail site shows more trains but of course they don't show prices and don't have the dates yet. I just bought tickets from the Trenitalia site for the Rome/ Naples route for the 9 euro Price!! Help please. Barb

Posted by Barb
Andover, MN, USA
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Sorry - I didn't make it clear that I am trying to get from Sorrento to Bari to catch the ferry. The best (and perhaps only) route seems to be Naples/Caserta/Bari. Barb

Posted by Charlene
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The train arriving at 18:48 should be fine. According to this website, the port is a mile from the train station. There are regular buses from train station to port for .70 euros, or you could take a taxi, which should be very inexpensive for that short distance.