HELP! Best Restaurant close to METROS in ROME

Last night we strolled our first evening in Rome. We started at the Spanish Steps and walked all the way into Trastevere for dinner. About 11 p.m. we waked to the Trastevere station and the person there said there was no train back to Gemelli. The issue I think was that they thought we wanted to go to Gemelli Hospital and not Gemelli train station! So after a series of misdirections due to my poor language skills (!), we took 3 buses and one tram to end up at GEMELLI HOSPITAL! Two hours later we took a taxi back to our hotel on Central Park! Do trains F3 and Metros, etc run all night? Also if we get to be scaredy cats, is there something along the A or B lines that would be nice but not over say 100+ E? Laurel picked a nice one but now, I'm afraid to venture there at midnight and not get back. Thanks, Mike & Sherry (LOVING ITALY SOOOOO MUCH!)

Posted by Sam
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Rome Metro runs from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm except Saturday night when it runs one hour later. The last train from Trastavere station to Gemelli is at 10:09 pm.

Posted by Zoe
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Michael and Sherry, enjoy your trip, budget for a taxi home - the piazze and monuments are beautiful at night (as you've already seen) and most have taxi stands nearby. Your restaurant can call a cab for you. Don't let transportation concerns limit your enjoyment of Rome.

Posted by Michael
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Taxis are pretty reasonable in Rome. It would probably have cost you under 15 euros to get back to your hotel. Glad you're enjoying Italy. It is amazing, isn't it? For other travelers, this story is a good reason to find lodging that's more central. Gemelli is hardly convenient. Happy Travels.

Posted by Michael & Sherry
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Michael & Zoe, Thanks for the info. We strolled again longer than we thought and missed the train again! But this time, we didn't try a bus or tram or anything - we got a taxi for 15E. It WAS worth it and as it's our wedding anniversary and Sherry's birthday tomorrow, what the hell - let's go for broke! :) We have a Papal Audience tomorrow (us and a 1,000 others!) so we are so psyched. Thanks again,
Michael & Sherry

Posted by Zoe
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Congratulations and I'm so happy you are enjoying Rome, my favorite place in the world.