Heating pads in Rome

Does anyone know if one can buy a heating pad in Rome? If so what type of store. Spending 2 weeks in Rome, have rented a apartment right across the street from the Vatican Museum. People on other post said do not bring a 125volt one to use with a adapter/converter, as it would blow up, so to speak.
One person did suggest a hot water bottle, which I would take with me if I can't buy a heating pad in Rome. Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions.

Posted by SamSn
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
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You should be able to find a heating pad at a pharmacy.

Posted by Janet
Colorado, USA
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I'm guessing that in Italian a heating pad would be a CUSCINETTO ELETTRICA. If Roberto's listening, maybe he'll correct me!

Posted by Holly
Winter Springs, FL, United States
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What about using Therma care wraps? those are pretty great and disposable. I use them for my low back pain alot.