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health insurance/health care in Italy

Hi, does anyone know if there is national health care in Italy and if so, do visitors pay or are they covered?

I'm trying to figure out if and how much to buy travel insurance, as my health insurance does not cover me for anything, including emergency hospital visits, in Italy. I'm travelling independently. Thank you.

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P.S. To clarify: I have purchased trip insurance in the past for countries where I knew I would have to pay any medical bills. However, some countries cover medical even for visitors and will not let you pay even if you offer. So I am trying to find out HOW MUCH, if any, medical trip insurance to buy based on what the medical system is in Italy. Thanks!

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I am not aware of any country that offers non-residents "free" medical care. In Italy, they will offer you free emergency care, which means they may put a cast on a broken wrist. But anything more than operation, an admission to hospital for an illness or injury....will be charged to you. There are many supplemental insurance offerings out there that will cover you well for less than $3/day....well worth the cost.