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Has anyone used an AT&T Motorola V3xx in Italy?

I'm getting some conflicting information so I want to know if anyone successfully has used their Motorola V3xx cell phone in Italy. I'm on AT&T and I was thinking of either activating international calling or have the phone unlocked so I can use a European sim card. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi, Robert,

I have traveled the past 6 years with my Motorola V... All I know is that I had a tri-band and now have a quad-band. I use T-Mobile instead of AT&T. I just use the codes I need and have never had any problems in Europe, including Italy. I don't change SIM cards, either. I think the posting advising you to call your provider is the best advice. Using my own cell phone has been the easiest thing in the world for me - and not too expensive, either. Well, not too expensive except for Russia.

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Robert, I have not used it. However, that phone uses the GSM band, and Italy has plenty of GSM band providers.

A word of advice with AT&T. Be certain to CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT and make sure that international usage is activated on your account. DON'T GO INTO THE STORE LOCATION. The idiots who work in the store told me that my AT&T GSM phone would work just fine in Europe without activating anything special on my plan. When I got to Europe my phone would not connect to any provider. I sent an email to customer service from Germany. They told me that I did not have the international calling activated on my account, and that was something I could ONLY do from the US.

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Thanks Jarrod. If I go that route I will make sure to call AT&T and let them know about my trip. Right now, I'm leaning towards unlocking the phone and getting a cheap European sim card - as soon as I can confirm that this phone will work there.

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We just got back from 3 weeks ago from Italy & Greece. I took a 2 year old Motorola V400 World Phone that had been just laying around unused & that I thought was locked by Cingular, but found out it wasn't locked after all. Go figure! Cingular gave me the unlock codes & all, but ended up that I never needed them. Put a Telestial Explorer sim card in it because I was going to a number of different countries. Very easy & worked like a champ throughout the trip.