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Has anyone Stayed on Lido in Venice

Could someone tell me if it is difficult to get back and forth to Venice-St Marks square from Lido and is it going to cost us a fortune to do so? Is it a hassle? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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It isn't hard. I had trouble finding information on how to do it too. We went to Lido on our trip in 2001 to Venice. You take the vaporetto to the island and walk across the island. It takes about 15 minutes to walk. Lido was nothing to get excited about. We were all quite disappointed. We wished we hadn't wasted a afternoon going there. Long stretches of beach and no people any where. It was deserted. There were some expensive hotels down the beach with umbrellas and chairs for the guests but they were way down the beach so we didn't bother walking down there. I would spend my time somewhere else. Murano island is much more fun. Burano island was way too touristy for us.

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Yes it wastes time and euros. if you don't have a special reason to do so stay closer to your interests, be that ST Marks or Rialto etc
It costs alot to be in Venicebut he memories or incredible.

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Just to add a positive note to the discussion, since you're staying there anyway....I stayed there a few yrs ago on a tour ~ can't remember the hotel, but it was just across from the vaporetto stop facing the lagoon, not the beach side. It has a big 'Campari' sign on top! Anyway, I have fond memories of approaching Venice each morning on the vaporetto from the Lido ~ a beautiful view across the lagoon of St. Mark's square & the Campanile ~ & watching the sunsets in the evening. It was calm & neighborhood-like rather than frantic.

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The Rick Steves Family tour stays on Lido.

I s the water nasty and popluted ?? I assumed they stayed there to give the kids an option of a " beach day"

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It is not that difficult to get to St. Mark's from the Lido but it will take a fair amount of time. However, I'm not a huge fan because, among other things, the Lido has cars and feels more like an American-style beach resort than Venice. To me it is worth a little bit extra to stay in Venice.

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Don't worry Wendy, staying at the Lido is fun in its own way. I have been to Venice numerous times with kids and adults and have never stayed anywhere but the Lido. The view of Venice coming from the Lido is beautiful. It is very easy to catch the vaporetto's to and from the Lido. I never feel as if it is quite as touristy on the Lido. Be sure to walk to the eastern(?) side of the island and see the beach and "bathhouses". Very different from what we are used to. Have fun!

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Wendy... There was no timeshare exchange in Venice so we opted for a "sight unseen" hotel on Lido di Jesolo.. I thought I had died and gone to hell.. they START to party at 11:00 PM and continue on till six in the morning..Not only was it complicated to get there,it was hot and sticky( air condioning was an extra 10 Euros) and the noise level was impossible. ( Think Spring Break in Daytona Beach FL)...If that's something you enjoy.. you will ADORE it.. We gave up our pre paid week and made other arrangements.