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Happy Birthday Venice

Today is a special day for Venice, as they celebrate 1600th anniversary of its founding. I received the news from the hotel we stayed at in 2018. They send a newsletter every season to keep in touch and share the latest news. They remarked that this day as a sign of rebirth. Spring blossomed a few days ago, and "in a quiet and sunny Venice, when all is silent and the dolphins waltz into the Canal Grande, we take this time as an opportunity to work, to keep on dialoguing with the most authentic and lifeful realities of the island."

Happy Birthday Venice! Salute!

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I'll celebrate by watching videos from Venice and opening a nice bottle of Italian red. Buon compleanno!

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Buon Compleanno, indeed! I celebrated by listening to some Monteverdi madrigals.

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Ahhh, I am dreaming of sitting at Bar Foscarini (Dosoduro) sipping an Aperol Spritz and enjoying the best view of the Grand Canal. Buon compleanno Venice! Cin cin!

I enjoyed a couple of walk through Venice videos with Sarah Murdoch today. Wonderful!

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Venice’s Winged Lion must have a couple of gray hairs in its mane now, but the city’s got a lot of life yet. More birthdays to come!