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Handicapped placards and parking

Will be travelling around Le Marche for about a month. Is handicapped parking available and how does one obtain a placard, if there even is such a thing in Italy. Should I take my blue placard from the US with me?

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Yes, there is handicapped parking, marked in yellow, not blue. Since it's not applicable to us, I can't answer the rest of your question. Maybe a call to an Italian consulate?

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Careful, though. In some Italian towns yellow parking spaces mean for residents only.

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First, I cannot remember ever seeing handicap parking BUT wasn't looking either. Second, the Italians seem to have a high disregard any parking regulations. Therefore, if available will it be available?

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Hello Mary,
I am disabled and I travel every other year to Italy. Yes, bring your placard from the states and you will notice the blue universal disabled symbol in all the big cities, Roma, Firenze, Milano...I travel with a scooter and a wheelchair and over the years there has been so much improvement in Italy but still the buildings are ancient and some sites are simply inaccessible. You do not pay to enter museums and usually you go straight to the head of the line at the Uffizi, Academia...Please email me if you have specific questions and I will try to help. I just returned from Firenze and Roma last month so I am fairly up to date. Ciao, Carlina