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hair dryers, converters & towels


Should I buy a converter here in the states at a travel store or should I wait until I get overseas? Also, should I bring my own hair dryer or buy one there (how much are there they?). Then lastly, should I pack a towel for the beach?

What do girls where at night to go to dinner? I want to be fashionable but I don't want to look like I just went for a run in my sporty walking clothes all day.

Thanks for your help! I'll take any other advice you may have too!


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You may not need a converter, only plug adapters. To find out, use search box in upper right corner to retrieve many prior discussions.

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Trish, if you already know which hotel(s) you'll be staying at, check their websites. A lot of European hotels now have hair dryers in each bathroom, so you may not need to bring one at all. And if you do, travel hairdryers which have a switch for 110/220 are widely available here and very cheap,and they're probably smaller than your usual hairdryer as well. You'll need a plug converter -- doesn't change the power, just adapts the US straight-sided two-prong plug into the round prong two-prong Italian size. If you're going to any other country than England the two-prong plug will work well. (England uses a 3-prong much larger plug.) As for dinner, I've never felt out of place in pants and a blouse or sweater, perhaps with a scarf to make them a little dressier, or you can wear a skirt. You won't need to dress up, just don't plan to wear tennis shoes, shorts, cargo pants or other sporty type clothing for dinner. I've never needed a beach towel.

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As the others pointed out, you might not even need a Voltage Converter. You'll need to check EACH of the appliances you plan on travelling with, to determine the "Input Voltage". If these state "100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz", then you'll just need Plug Adapters.

For dual-voltage (travel) appliances, check Magellan's.

Happy travels!

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Ask your hotels if they provide hair dryers - most do. The hairdryers with the dual switch have never been good to me. We have blown the fuse at a couple hotels causing the owners to sternly request that we use the hair dryer provided in the bathroom.

Pack a towel for the beach - and a garbage bag to put it in at the end of the day or you will get sand on your clothes.

For dinner most women are in casual pants, skirts or dresses. No need to dress up fancy unless you have a specific event. In the cities the local women will never be seen in shorts. Beach cities have more relaxed dress.

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Hi Trish,
I've researched the converter question more than once, and we've traveled to several countries in Europe & Asia. Now I just go with the plug converter. I have dual voltage hair dryer, battery charger, and hubby's elec. razor. Although many hotels have hairdryers, I wouldn't expect the smaller B&Bs etc. to have them. Beach towels are awfully bulky... try a "wrap" that can double for a cover-up (Hawaiian style) and you can easily shake the sand off.

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buy your plug adapters here - one or two for the region(s) youre going (one for back up!)

look on the back of any electric thing you bring (or the power supply) - if it says 110/220 volt - you just need the plug adapter!

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Buy your beach towel there. I use to bring my own but what a pain and leave it there. If you are not staying in a hotel with a hairdryer then your choice. I bought one there, but I have family there, so I had someone to leave it to. Some hotels have outlets that fit American electric products. If you are going to recharge your camera battery, cell phone battery, etc bring a converter from here. Sharper Image sells and entire kit. As for what to wear, a nice skirt or dress. Something simple, black hides wrinkles and dirt. Jeans are fine in Europe too.l Don't know your age, but H&M is a European Store, so that would be a good starting point of what girls wear. Anything you buy at Express, Limited, and Banana Republic would also be fine. Nice taylored clothes that fit.

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Some hotels have outlets that fit American electric products. If you are going to recharge your camera battery, cell phone battery, etc bring a converter from here. Sharper Image sells and entire kit.

So does nearly everyone else - at a cheaper price. Probably available at Wally World, Target or similar places. And if the converter is not needed, I have seen the adapters for as little as $2.99. Most products are 110/240V (my cell phones, my computer) and don't need anything but an adapter.