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Gulliver's Lodge - Rome

Anybody have any recent experience with Gulliver’s Lodge in Rome? My Fiancée made our arrangements to stay there. They are not taking credit card, only cash. That makes me uneasy with the reservation.


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While I cant comment on this place specifically, I have had several place in Italy ask for cash only. My guess its that cash is harder for the Italian government to trace. I've never had a problem. Its a fairly handy location to base out of in Rome.

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Likewise, I can't comment specifically on this hotel but it is pretty common for hotels in Italy to encourage cash payment. In addition to allowing them to be "flexible" with taxation laws, it saves the hotel the 3-5% fee charged by the credit card company for processing said transactions. Our hotel would have taken a card, but we got a 5% discount for paying in cash instead.

In a way, I kind of like paying (not pre-paying) cash. You keep control of your money until you are on the property and that way if there is something you don't like, you have more flexibility to walk away.

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Hi Anthony,

I haven't specifically stayed there. But all B&B's I stayed at in Italy only took cash. It's very common. There was only 1 hotel we stayed at in Milan that took credit card...but then offered a 5% discount if you paid cash.

I know it seems a little weird but it's common and you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Just double check your ATM maximums so you can ensure you can take out what you need to pay.

Have a great trip!