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Gulf of Taranto

Hi, all! Planning a trip in 2022 to the Gulf of Taranto region. We're visiting coastal areas in Cosenza and Matera and expect to explore some of the inland areas, too. I've found that it's very hard to find much information about this region in any guide books. It's certainly not as popular as the "greatest hits" Italy destinations, but I'm surprised by the apparent lack of attention in printed resources. Among our destinations:

-Corigliano Calabro

So, if anyone has ideas on a good book or helpful tips, that would be great. I've been spending a lot of time researching the area on the web, but would appreciate your insight.

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The Blue Guide to Southern Italy has one page covering the first three on your list, but it would give you an overview of the region. I think every region of Italy has appeal, but there is just not as much as in other areas--a museum or significant church here or there--but the parks of Calabria look spectacular.
I saw the temples at Metaponto. They are amusingly tucked behind a gas station just off the highway.

Cosenza and Matera are inland, so do you mean the Tyrrhenian sea, the Adriatic sea, or the Ionian sea? You'll find plenty on Matera.

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Thanks -- actually, I was referring to the provinces of Cosenza and Matera, rather than the cities. The Ionian Sea coastline is where we'll be.

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Gotcha--I greatly enjoyed the Matera area. We took day trips to Craco and Laterza and there's much more. I know less about Calabria, but I hope to get there one day.
Another good resource is tourism board websites, especially for the individual provinces, but alas I don't see a ton of great websites. Here is one:
Last, check European newspapers:
good luck!

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I know the OP is not specifically asking about it, but of everywhere I have visited in Italy, I would say that the city of Taranto is the most depressing.

That said, it has an absolutely brilliant archaeological museum called MArTA.

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Taranto is the headquarters of the Italian Navy (and a famous Naval batle in 1940). It was the only colony settled by the Spartans and as such has quite a rich history. If you are interested in that sort of history (as I am) then the Museum is worth the trip regardless of the rundown nature of the city.

In all seriousness, I'm told the area around the railway station and walk up to the main city centre is not typical, and that "it gets better" - but I was genuinely concerned walking around parts of it - and I think almost nothing of walking in e.g Naples.

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It’s been a very long time since I went to Taranto as a guest bod a friend from my “service” years.
In Taranto see:
Outside Taranto:
MARTINA FRANCA (whitewashed village)
GRAVINE DI TARANTO (terra elle Gravine park)

Google the above to see.