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Rick Steve's Group Dinners in Rome

Does anyone recall the names of the restaurants where the group dinners are in Rome? I am trying to update my Rome Restaurant list and always love where Rick tours end up.

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My wife seems to recall La Trattoria Der Pallaro, near Hotel Smeraldo, being one when we first visited years ago. We visited and ate there last month on our latest visit, but I couldn't remember from a prior trip.

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Our final meal on the Best of Italy tour in September, 2018 was at Target. This was around the corner from Hotel Aberdeen where we stayed.

Amusing story (you decide): I wasn't sure of the name of the restaurant, so I was comparing my photos of the dinner with photos of the restaurant on Google. We had our meal on the lower level. In one of my photos is an abstract painting with a red background. I found the same photo on the Google listing, but it is hung upside down compared to my photograph. I wonder which way the artist intended! seen here