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Anyone have any insight on this little town above Manarola in the CT? My fiancee and I found a nice little apartment for rent and were considering using it while we were in the CT for a few days next June, thought it might separate us from the summer crowds when we returned from hiking each day. Rental company is Arbassa, so any advice\past experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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Before finalizing your rental, you'll want to understand where Groppo is located in relation to the five classic Cinque Terre towns described in Rick's books and videos. It's not one of those five. Groppo is linked to Manarola by a trail, but I've never done that trail. I have a trail map but cannot easily measure the trail length, but the elevation loss and gain of this relatively short trail appears to be about 900 vertical fee, fairly steep. If your main desire is "separation from the summer crowds", my guess is that Groppo would be just that, but possibly might be too much separation? Might be better to stay in Manarola--just a thought.

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Hi. I'm writing from Manarola, one of the cinque terre, just want to inform you that Groppo is located just above Manarola, few hundreds of meters (20 min. walking) and it's connected with the town of Manarola and Volastra by bus ( running on schedule, latest around 11.00 PM). Manarola should be your starting pont for the blue path and Volastra it's a good starting point for the higher trails ( number 1).
About the paths you can find information on the site mentioned above.
If you like to check an alternative accommodation you can visit this B&B in Manarola. Manarola is never too crowded and it could be easier to stay in the center on the sea instead of Groppo.

Arbaspaa is a reliable agency.


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If you want to know exactly where it is, do a google search for "Groppo map" and see what you get. Or try
'Manarola map".

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Danny: I finally found my old CT trail hiking map and was able to determine that there is a trail linking Groppo to Manarola. However, the trail appears to be steep (see my post above) and I have no idea of current trail conditions, as the map I have is a 1998 hiking map.