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Green pass or equivalent certificate

My daughter and her husband are to leave for Rome in a week and then join us in Milan. They just got emails from the museums they had reservations in that they will have to have a Green Covid-19 certification (Green Pass or equivalent certificate) for entry now. They are panicking and wondering if should cancel trip (they do have refundable airline tickets and hotel). I have told them CDC card will suffice.

But does anyone know anything more official than my interpretation of "equivalent certificate" that actually indicates what is considered "equivalent"? Of course, then you still could have the problem of the guards at museums allowing entry, especially since this is just starting as they arrive.

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I don't have anything more "official" than you, but all indications are that CDC cards will be considered an "equivalent certificate." That is what Americans are currently using to enter the country. There was a video floating around of a US Colonel (I think--I may have his rank wrong!) stationed in Italy who also confirmed that the CDC card will be fine.

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I haven't looked for an official source, but is reporting the following:

In its latest ordinance of July 29th, the Italian Health Ministry confirmed that documents issued by health authorities in any of the following countries would also be accepted in Italy:

• Canada

• Israel

• Japan

• United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and British military bases on Cyprus)

• United States of America

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Thanks! This is all part of the wild world of traveling during Covid.

I think it will be OK. I think they will come to the same conclusion.

I shared this article.

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I also received an email from The Vatican Museums about my booked tickets and the Green Pass.

I noted that it says must have photo ID, so make sure and have a photo ID along with your CDC card.

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I have told them CDC card will suffice.

You are right. By law the CDC card is the equivalent certificate needed to Enter Italy (plus the online form). It's the Same for all the other things, think at a cascade effect.

I noted that it says must have photo ID, so make sure and have a photo ID along with your CDC card.

A grumpy Vatican employee could think that the Only "photo ID" he can accept to let you in is the Passport Book and not some strange Driving License or a Passport Card. It shouldn't be a problem, I am sure you already know that being a non-EU alien you must carry your passport 24/7 while in Italy.

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Thanks Dario--I passed on the information. It was the way I was thinking but being Italian you have more credibility than me!