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Quick note to RS friends:
Fourteen months of planning - QE2 to Southampton the last week in April - a month in the Cotswolds and Ireland-train from London to Florence- AIRB&B reservations throughout- 79 days in Florence attending drawing & painting courses in world class Altiers - all paid in advance - gone.
We live in amazing times. Every single entity contacted allowed me to postpone - reschedule everything until 2021 - with no penalties. ( Cunard gave me an upgrade for not cancelling.)
When i was advised how citizens of the art community in Florence were to be affected - 100% tourist based economy - I contacted both schools where my tuition had been paid and arranged for the funds to be distributed to those that needed them. singers, models, writers, photographers, musicians - shop keepers, bakers -all immediately had nothing. We were able to pay rent, buy groceries & medicines for many individuals and families with children.
Eventually the money will run out. I will have to pay my tuition's again - In the end -
It is the best thing I have ever done.
So Grateful - to have been raised in a manner that recognizes the suffering of others - and to have the opportunity to do something about it.

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Calvin, is that it?
Update: that's better.

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If everyone who could do this, did this, the world would be an easier and nicer place.

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What a thoughtful and generous thing to do. I applaud your actions, and hope your trip next year comes to fruition.

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This is a lovely and heartwarming post. It was a pleasure to read of your kindnesses and generosity. Good karma will be yours when you need it, too. Thank you for posting.

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Thank you Calvin. Your empathy and humanity show that you are a very special person. We should all be so generous, each in her/his own way.

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Thank you for the kind words - you would do the same.
So many of you in this forum assisted me in planning this journey. Your knowledge and willingness to steer me on the right path was wonderful. I felt I had a personal agency staffed by hundreds willing and able to help. From accommodations, driving instructions, The Chelsea flower show, hotels, back country inns, train schedules and a hundred other things - you helped me shape this journey.
When I saw the empty streets of Florence - and considered an economy based almost entirely on tourists - and suddenly - they were all gone - I was compelled to find a way.
I would say to you - consider the empty streets and museums at the destinations you planned to visit this year - and find a way.
We can not do everything - but - we can all do something.
God Bless. See you in Europe next year.