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Grand Hotel Oriente- Naples- Credit Card info by email

Fellow travelers I have a question for you,
My husband and I will be taking the South of Italy tour and we decided to booked an extra night the last day of our tour at the Grand Hotel Oriente.. I contacted the hotel and they are asking me to send my credit card information by email in order to book the room. I don't like the idea of sending by email my cc info. I had a bad experience years ago.
I contacted the hotel and I explained that I prefer not to provide my information by email and I asked them to provide a phone number that I can call. I'm been trying to call by WhatsApp and Skype the number they gave me and so far, nobody answers.
So, have any of you made a room reservation at the Grand Hotel Oriente? did you provide your CC info by email?

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I’ve given a card number numerous times in dealing with European lodging and never had a problem. I’ve set up alerts on my cards for charges over $100 as a precaution. I’ve had my Amex card breached twice, my discover card once but never because of emailing a card number.

From their website:
Grand Hotel Oriente
Via Armando Diaz, 44 80134 Napoli Italia

Reservations: +39 081 551 21 33
Fax: +39 081 551 49 15

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I give my cc by email, after first checking that the site is secure. In fact, we stayed an extra night at the Hotel Oriente, secured by my cc.
However, I use a cc that I seldom use…with no auto payments attached to it; my “backup” cc in Europe. So, if # stolen, easy to just cancel.

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I've done this a number of times with hotels in Italy and haven't had a problem. I also have fraud alerts on my cards, so I know when charges are posted above a certain amount (and, on a few, for every charge). I've never had a problem. Calling is certainly an option if you're concerned.

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When I have done cc by email I send in pieces in 2 or 3 emails splitting up the number. I have no idea if more secure but seems better than nothing.

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I did have a reservation there for March 2020, but of course we did not go. As I recall, I made the reservation on their website and provided my cc info that way. I would normally not want to provide my cc into by email.