good view of palio in siena?

My family and I are spending 2 weeks in Tuscany in June/July and just by coincidence will be in siena for the palio horse excited! Our room is on the outskirts(which is probably a good thing as I hear the crowds are intense!)Can anyone suggest a good viewpoint from some public building, etc.for better viewing? I realize that thousands of others are hoping for the same viewing advantage, but rather than eye-level, are there any suggestions? I want to get some phenominal photos of the parades and race! any tips would be appreciated, thanks

Posted by Kristin
Bellevue, WA, USA
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The crowds ARE definitely intense! It seemed to me that any buildings that had views over the campo were privately filled with spectators -- I think you'd have to "know someone" :) You will have great views and photo ops at eye level of the parades (and flag shows, etc) before and after the actual event. As for getting photos of the race itself, good luck! Maybe someone at your hotel can help you though -- if they like you, THEY might know someone with a window you can peek out of!

Posted by Mary Ann
Southgate, MI, USA
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Are tickets needed for any of the Palio events? If so, is there a website?

Posted by Devika
Olympia, WA
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As I have posted earlier, the following web site will provide answers.
The second arrow on the right which points to questions and answers about the Palio has a lot of info.
Apparently it is free to stand in the Campo and because of the slope, I believe you get a good view. But you will have to stand there for a long time with no bathroom breaks plus the local contradas are all psyched up and you may not want to be there.
Tickets might be available thru private vendors, people who own the apartments facing the Campo. Your hotel may be able to help you but they are sold several months in advance, so good luck!

Posted by Devika
Olympia, WA
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I just realised that there are 3 rehearsals from 29th June onwards when the crowd is less. The above web site has info about that also.