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Good place to buy luggage in Rome

Anyone know of stores in Rome that sell luggage? Don't want any checked luggage coming TO Italy but just in case I do some shopping ... may need small piece of luggage to come home. Thanks.

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Kelly, I recall seeing luggage at lots of places, like street vendors and Termini Station shops. Should be very easy to pick up a bag if needed.

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When I travel, I typically bring along something similar to Rick Steves' Hide-Away Tote. The bag I bought came from The Container Store.

It's a lightweight, zippered bag that folds down to practically nothing. In the past, I have put anything that didn't fit into my luggage into one of these zippered bags and just checked the bag. Usually stuff like dirty clothing is best to put into one of these bags since it is soft, you wouldn't want to put anything too rigid or breakables in there.

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Around every train station in Italy there are some stands outside (the ones that sell the fake gucci and prada stuff) selling luggage. I bought a medium sized one, very good as quality goes (with the price in mind), and got it for 20 euros. I am sure you'll stumble around many of them. Don't pay more than 15-20 euros.

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on the other hand, I have a nice collection of cheapie duffle bags purchased on trips right before I packed to come home that I can use when I come back home and then there is always that sigh.."oh remember when we bought this bag at the train station in Hamburg?"

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I would buy a bag before you go, you do not want to spend out on something that could break while your on holiday depending on how much you have to spend you could take a look at MaxwellScott I bought some wheeled luggage off them around 4 months back and its still strong despite many mishandling by baggage checkers.