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Good neighborhoods with kids?

Hi all,

We're beginning to look for apartments in for our trip to Italy next May. We'll be staying for approximately a week in each of the following cities: Venice, Florence, and Rome and I'd like to get an idea of some good neighborhoods or districts to stay in (or to stay out of!)

We want to hit alot of the major cultural sites in each city BUT we're taking our children who will be 12, 10, 8 and 2 1/2 at the time so family friendly neighborhoods near a big Piazza where they can run about and find good pizza and gellato is as important as being near good transportation.



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Tami - In Venice there is a playground just off the Lista di Spagna near the train station. Otherwise, the larger campos attract kids. Campo San Polo is big and is more of a family neighborhood.

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Hi, just returned a couple weeks ago. Went with my aunt & uncle and their two girls (11 & 6). She had a book "Italy with Kids" it was awesome! I actually used some of the suggestions & places because my husband sometimes is bored easily & impatient so it worked well for me too! I'm sure you could find it at your local bookstore. We had several books and that one got a lot of use.
Good luck - have a great time!

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Doug- thanks for that suggestion!

As for the book Italy with Kids, I have that! I found it at Half Price Books when I was buying my Rick Steves Book. It's a little dated because it still uses Lira for prices but lots of great suggestions. I loaned it to my mom (who may be traveling with us) but I will reread it as soon as I get it back from her.