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Good Mid-Point Between Zurich And The Cinque Terre

I am planning a trip, via train, from Zurich to the Cinque-Terre. Does anyone have ideas of a good place to spend the night, preferably near a train station--about mid-way between those cities?

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Christine, why stop anywhere to spend the night? See if you can do the trip on a night train. Get yourself a bunk in a couchette and sleep while you travel from point A to point B. The couchette costs more, but not as much as a hotel.

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We decided to spend one night in Milan to see The Last Supper on the way down to the Cinque Terre from Zurich. So now we are thinking about the way back. We will either stop for the night in Lugano or go all the way from Cinque Terre to Zurich. The question now is: are there night trains that we can get from the Cinque Terre to Zurich? I apologize in advance if this has been discussed before; my head is spinning.

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A Monterosso to Zurich train journey will take 8.0hrs with a train change in Genoa, Milan or both on some runs. A night train wouldn't do you much good as none would be direct with no train changes. The Milan to Zurich leg would be just under 4.0hrs so not much sleep there.

Lugano is a great choice if you want to spend a night somewhere on the journey.