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Gondola tours - Anyone have experience booking through

I am traveling to Venice this September and would like to book a spot in a group gondola tour. I’ve found a couple at that seem really great, but would like to know if anyone has used this site before (and if it is legitimate/trustworthy) before I enter any credit card information! I would appreciate any feedback, thanks in advance!


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Jenny you don't need to book a gondola tour. Gondola operators are all along the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge. Careful of the old bait and switch. There was a very cute guy that was dressed like a gondolier that we decided to go with. He was just the front man and not the guy that took us on the tour! We all had a good laugh including the not so handsome gondolier :-).

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Thank you for your reply, I should have been more specific though! I am a college student traveling alone and definitely don't have enough money to spend $150 on riding a gondola all by myself. I'm hoping to be able to book a group tour in advance where I ride with like, 6 strangers for a set price of say, around 50 Euro. I have heard these offers exist, though this is the only one I've found so far and I'm hesitant to use the particular site.

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Jenny: did you see the discussion of a topic similar to yours, elsewhere in this section "to the boot" in the last day or two? It might be useful to read those comments, one or two of them had used the website you are asking about.