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Gondola Rides in Venice

Has anyone taking a gondola ride that can tell us what it actually cost. has an article that says the official rate is L62 ($85) but it will probably cost you L100 ($137).
6 fit in a gondola. Could any one tell me if this is per person or for the gondola 50 minute ride ?.

It also mentions a Traghetto a 50-Cent gondlola crossing.

We're on a budget but my daughter wants to ride in a gondola.

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A traghetto is something way different from a gondola ride, don't confuse the two. A traghetto just takes you from one side of a canal to the other, a one or two minute ride.

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There is no standard price and bargaining can be done depending on the season and the time of day. There's lot of advice for gondola rides here on Rick Steves and also on the Thorntree section of

The price range you cite seems in the range for a private gondola for two. It's been a couple years since I sprung for a ride on our honeymoon so others here might be able to give you better estimates. Again, the prices vary.

One other piece of advice: Enjoy the ride once you pay for it. Don't watch it through a video viewfinder...

Have fun!

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I was in Venice in March and the going price seemed to be around 80Euro. I heard this quoted by a couple of gondoliers. My understanding is that it is the price for the ride not per person. I don't know how long that was for though. I think you would need to find out exactly what you get before embarking on a trip. It's pretty competitive and I would think there is a certain amount of price fixing. One thing you may consider is to hang around a gondola stop and see if you can find others who are also wanting a gondola and see if they are happy to share. I noticed a few people doing this and its a way to keep the cost down.

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My cousin and I shared a gondola it was 125 euro for 50 minutes. We split it between the 6 of us for 20 euro a peice. It is worth it, my cousin and I on the last night decided we would split the whole 100 euro for 50 minute fee on our own. We were happy to share it with others and spend the 30 euro on dinner and desert

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We just returned and paid 100 euros for 5 people, around 35 minute ride, they will negotiate with them

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My wife and I went to Venice over Spring Break. We wanted to take a Gondola ride also, but we both agreed that the price is just ridiculous and would qualify as a rip-off in our book. We took the Traghetto across the Grand Canal for 1 Euro and were completely satisfied.

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We were just there this past early June. We teamed up with three others and split the 100 Euro cost. This made the ride 20 Euro per person. They say to negotiate but they really wouldn't - even with dozens of empty gondolas nearby. The ride was about 40 minutes. It was really a tourist rip-off as the gondolier didn't seem that interested but it's Venice and it's something you need to do at least once.

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We were in Venice at the end of July and were quoted a price of 100 euro for the three of us. Wish we'd taken the ride...