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Going from Rome to Positano

We are traveling from Rome to Positano in early June. We already booked a hotel in Positano for two days. Our hotel recommended a shuttle that picks us up in Naples and takes us to the hotel in Positano for 110 euros. Is this a reasonable price -- and the best way to reach Positano?
Also, we wanted to tour Pompeii while there. Our hotel suggested we see Pompeii by renting a driver through the hotel at 35 euros per hour, minimum 4 hours. Would a tour -- one that includes tickets to get us into the site -- make more sense?

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hmmm, the suggestions given to you by your hotel seem quite high priced to me. We did this similar route last week...and if your looking to save money, i think i can help. First, I would suggest doing Pompeii on your way to Positano. It would save on time and backtracking. To get to Pompeii from Rome, buy a train ticket at the Termini station from Rome to Naples. The cost was about 20E/pp. we bought them one day in advance. In Naples, you switch to a local train line called the circumvesuviana. The signs were easy to follow when we got off the train. Using the circumvesuviana line, it cost us each about 3E (yes, 3E) to get from Naples to Pompeii. Rome to Pompeii took about 2 1/2 hours I think.

When you get done at Pompeii, you can get back on the circumvesuviana train and buy a ticket to head further south to Sorrento. The cost was about another 2E per person and took a half hour. Once you get to Sorrento, that is where you can catch a ferry to Positano. We didn't go as far as Positano. From Sorrento, we went to Capri....but I'm fairly certain you can get a ferry ticket from Sorrento to Positano for under 20E/per person....probably more like 14E per person.

So, a per person cost would be about 46E...roughly figuring, I can't remember the exacts. And it's easy. We were brand new European travelers, and we figured it all out pretty quickly. I don't think a tour is necessary. If you're willing to do some research ahead of time, it's easy to figure out.

Hope this helps. PM me if you want more details.

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There is also a direct bus from Rome-Positano in Summer if the times work out for you - that would be the simplest and most cost effective I think. (the shuttle cost does seem reasonable, BTW) Or, as said, take the train to Naples and change trains to Sorrento and then take the bus...or...take the train to Salerno and then take the bus to Positano. I wouldn't bother with a driver to Pompeii...just take the bus to Sorrento and train to Pompeii.

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It's the SITA bus that runs from Sorrento to Amalfi and from Salerno to Amalfi. They don't run the full length from Sorrento to Salerno. Very reasonable. CLICK HERE to see the schedule.

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Thanks for all your replies. These were very helpful!

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You could book a train Rome to Salerno, 30 to 50 euros, about 2 1/2 hrs. trip time. Then a short walk from the Train Station in Salerno to the ferry docks and a ferry to Positano.