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gifts to friends in Italy

I've attempted several times to send packages to friends in Italy and each time they haven't arrived do to, apparently, restricted items. Does anyone have any information about what can and can't be sent to Italy?

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What is it that you are sending them? We ship stuff to family and friends in Italy all of the time and so far (knock on wood) everything has gotten there. We've sent a wide range of things including bottles of Jim Beam, er wine (sorry, can't be too careful). Maybe you are being "too specific" when filling out your claims forms? We've recieved certain items from them several times -- imagine our disappointment when we read on their claims forms that they are sending us books only to find food (I won't go into specifics). Just make sure that what you're sending doesn't leak, reek, or make noise.

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Hi Pam
Our daughter lives in Polcenigo a small village just North of Venice.. each time I send her things from the states like;
Geranium oil, ( natural mosquito repellant) oatmeal soap, books, clothes etc. (things that she cannot find in her little medeival village. OR the BX at Aviano..) I just mark the customs papers; "toiletries". Saves me time and it always gets there within a week without a problem.. I know the items are not that special.. but it's just so good to get things from the States.. .It's so very far away in time and miles and so hard to wrap your mind around the fact that your friends are just winding down their day just about the time you're having your first cup of coffee. You are a good friend to take care of them like that. I know they appreciate you!!!!