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Gifts to bring...

I would like to bring some small gifts to give to new friends that we meet along the way...but I don't have any idea what might be nice... Is there anything that is from the U.S. that is hard to get in Italy that they would enjoy? I am from Seattle, so I was thinking of bringing small containers of smoked salmon...Is that even a possibility with customs? Any non-edible ideas? :) Thank you!!

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Mollie, Smoked salmon is a great idea if that is what's local. Check the the countries to see if you can bring it in. Other suggestions (not knowing your budget and how many new friends you'll think you'll meet)include postcards from your area, books about about your area, your favorite paperbacks, your favorite music, bring your ipod so you can upload their favorite music & download yours to theirs, American chocolate (It's so different from theirs!), etc... Keep in mind that many people from other countries may feel obliged to reciprocate even if they can not afford it. You may want to keep it simple and inexpensive. Another idea--- If you really connect w/your new friends to the point where you will correspond w/them, why don't you invite them to your home if they ever visit the USA. Or ask them what they would like to receive from you after returning home. Most important, do what's comfortable for you.

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We have visited Venice frequently and we now bring gifts along for our two favorite waitresses at the local pub. I struggled trying to figure out what to bring them on our last visit, we ended up bringing them t-shirts from a local resort that had Minnesota written on it. I also went to a local speciality store and got some local candy, snacks, etc. They seemed to appreciate them. I would suggest going to a local tourist speciality store in your area and bring some items with. I don't know why you wouldn't be able to bring salmon as long as it is canned. You could also bring postcards, magnets, etc.

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Jeannine and Jody, Thank you for your suggestions! I didn't even think about them feeling obligated to give something in return! That is a great point, so I will stick to very small gifts...Thank you for your advice, that was sooo helpful! :)

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picturesque magnets and keychains from your state/area/attractions are small and cheap and practical. Or anything special from your home area if there is a "specialty".

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The true American gift: Baseball gloves and a variety of balls. Have family in Modena. Brought them a few items. They were the talk of their community.