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Getting tickets online to the Vatican, Uffizi, and Accademia museums

I've been trying to figure out how to get tickets to the Vatican, and the Uffizi and Accademia galleries in Florence. I can't find a link to do so anywhere on the Vatican website; all I see are schedules. I thought I'd found a site for the Uffizi through the Polo Museale Fiorentino, but after a many-step ordering process, when I'd given all my credit card info, etc, and pressed the Submit button, I was told that the transaction had been cancelled. Anyway, does anyone know some alternates that don't involve group tours?

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In Florence, many hotels will make these arrangements for you, so try e-mailing them before you leave. Or try this website: (they do charge a service fee). Can't help with Vatican, but there have been many prior posts (type Vatican in the search box in the upper right corner). Good luck!

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dial 011-39-055-294-883 during business hours their time to reach Uffizi reservations, with luck they'll give you to an english speaking operator With whom you can make reservations for the Uffizi.

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I would suggest NOT buying advance tickets as you never know what might come up that would prevent you from going. I WOULD suggest getting advance reservations and buying tickets there. For the Uffizi, you will pay the same for the tickets with reservations ahead of time as you would pay for the reservations ahead of time and the tickets at the door.

For the Vatican Museum, advance tickets are not possible but free advance reservations are. See Rick's book. You must fax - no online possible.