Getting from Venice St. Lucia to Mestre

Hello Fellow Travelers, I have booked train tickets for August 30 to Chiusi from Venice Mestre and learned too late that I should have used the St. Lucia station. In Venice we will be staying at Locanda Orseolo, near San Marco. Our train from Mestre is around 9:00 a.m. - What is the best way to get to Mestre station and how much time should we allow? Thank you

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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Most trains leaving Venice S.L. also stop at Mestre, otherwise there are up to 10 trains an hour or so that you can take, it is only about a 10 minute journey, so allowing a half hour will be more than enough time. You may also want to do some playing around on Trenitalia, it is very possible that the train you are catching from Mestre originates at Venice S.L., so you can just catch that one, buying an additional ticket from Venice S.L. to Mestre for a few Euro and not have to cjhange trains at mestre.

Posted by Barbara
Bella Vista, AR, USA
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Thanks, Paul - glad to hear this is not such a big deal. I sure appreciate your response - thank you!

Posted by Larry
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Paul, for your journey to Chiusi, you will most likely be on a Frecci fast train to Florence where you will change to a Regionale train to get to Chiusi. As Paul says above, you can try and track down the fast train you will board at Mestre but note that all Regionale trains departing Santa Lucia will stop at Mestre as well. Just buy a quick Regionale ticket from Santa Lucia to Mestre. No train information will be on the Regionale ticket. You will have to validate this Regionale ticket before boarding. Thus you can jump on any Regionale train departing Santa Lucia. Fare should be about 1.50Euro. It's really easy.