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Getting from Rome to Bellagio and back

My husband and I are going to Italy next summer (I know, I know, why in the summer?? It's my birthday!). My biggest fear - other than the actual flying part - is how the heck to get from Rome to Bellagio. I know trains are involved. Possibly a boat. Can anyone give me the Idiot's Guide to getting to Como and back? Grazie!

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I'm sure someone with far more experience than me will advise you better than me but you could either fly to Milan and then train to Como and then the ferry to Bellagio or train to Milan and Como and then ferry. You may find the train will be the quickest way although technically flying will look quicker. Getting to and from airports, through security etc takes up so much time these days.

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Most likely you are going to need to get a train to Milan. From Milan, you could take the train to Varenna and then connect by boat to Bellagio.

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Train from Rome to Milan, change trains to Varenna, then ferry from Varenna to Bellagio. This is not the only way to get from Milan to Bellagio but is the way that Rick recommends in his book "Italy 2008", where he gives detailed instructions for how to do this.

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Colleen - Kent gives good advice for Rome to Como.

BUT - If you're starting in Rome, it might be easier to go to the Amalfi coast than all the way north to Como.