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Getting from CT to Siena?

What is the best way to get to Siena from CT? This is my first time going to Italy and I'm trying to figure this all out. Thank you!!

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Using rail would be the simplest travel method from the Cinque Terre to Siena, via La Spezia. For example, there's a train leaving La Spezia Centrale at 13:25, arriving in Siena at 16:38 with one change in Empoli. Some of the trains on that route have 2 or 3 changes, but I usually try and keep it simple by minimizing these.

Using Bus from La Spezia might also be an option, but I'd have to check. The advantage of using Bus is that you'll be dropped off in the centre of town, rather than at the bottom of the hill.

You might want to have a look at Rick's "Italy" or "Europe Through The Back Door" guidebooks at your local Library, as there's a wealth of information there!

Happy travels! Hope you enjoy Italy!

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One point I forgot to mention regarding the rail trip from C.T. to Siena. You will need to determine whether the particular train you've chosen requires reservations (some of them do!). These have to be purchased separetely from your ticket or Rail pass.

Check for details (click on the "International Guests" link at the top). If there's a red "R" in the same row as your trip, then a reservation is mandatory!


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If you buy a regular ticket for a train that requires a reservation, the reservation is included in the price of the ticket and is made at the time of purchase. If you have a railpass, then you have to make--and pay for--a separate reservation.