We will be traveling from the CT to Genoa by train to fly home. Flights will be early in the day so will plan on going the day before. Any thoughts on a decent but not overly expensive place to stay that will be relatively easy to get to the airport?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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You could stay in the Pegli area, a district of Genoa very close to the airport. It's one of the top upscale areas in Genoa (residential) and if you do a Google Search on Google Maps you should find some hotels in Pegli. I've never stayed overnight in Genoa but most Genoans will tell you that the historical center is not too safe at night.

Posted by Brian
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Our upcoming trip originally had us flying out of Genoa from the CT as well. Before our plans changed, I was going to book us a night at the Sheraton Genova hotel. It is located at the airport, so you dont have to worry about transportation. They have rooms for less than 100 euros, so pretty good for being at the airport. Hope that helps, here's their link:

Posted by Jules
Omaha, NE, United States
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Thank you. We appreciate your response. I will look into those suggestions.