Genoa fly-in: Stay there or head to the CT?

Hello travelers... My wife and I are flying into Genoa for the start of our Italian adventure, arriving 4:20. Should we get off the plane and head into the CT immediately, or find a nice hotel in Genoa to relax in? I guess I am wondering about the quality of Genoa hotels for those who have experienced them. Thanks for any advice you might have! Scott

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Scott, My suggestion would be to carry on directly to the Cinque Terre, as that's a much more pleasant place to recover from jet lag. That also avoids a one-night stop (I find those annoying). I've made similar trips after a long flight, and have been able to manage quite well. If your plane arrives at 16:20, you should be able to get to Genova Piazza Principe by 18:00. There's a direct train departing at 18:11, arriving in Monterosso at 19:39 (time 1H:28M, no changes, Regionale - DON'T forget to validate!). There's another departure at 18:35. Those times are from the current schedules, but I don't expect they'll change much. When you arrive in the C.T., drop your bags at the Hotel and then go for an early dinner. When you open the curtains the next morning, you'll be able to enjoy that incredible scenery and start your touring right away. Happy travels!

Posted by Brian
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Hi Scott,
I guess it depends on when you arrive. We are arriving in Genoa in April around 12pm and will head straight to the CT. Our flight home is early though, so we plan on leaving the CT the day before our flight and staying at the Sheraton hotel at the Genoa airport to avoid any train issues. Better safe than sorry! The Sheraton prices are actually pretty reasonable. I think its around 80 euros for 2 twin beds, which is less than the cost of the places in the CT we're looking at. Especially considering the hotel is at the airport.

Posted by Jim
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Scott, you didn't state when you would be there or what type transportation you would be using. In the winter time, sun down will come sooner then in spring or summer. Driving to CT after dark is doable but quite adventuresome. What trains are available?

Posted by Scott
Getzville, NY, United States
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Thank you both for your replies! We will be traveling by train, and it is starting to seem that staying in Genoa may be our best option after a long flight. Now it's just to find a good hotel! I will certainly check out the Sheraton - thank you!

Posted by Scott
Getzville, NY, United States
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Ken - thank you so much for such wonderful advice!