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Gelato w/ Balsamic Vinegar

I am looking for anyone who has recommendations for gelato with balsamic vinegar. We will be in Venice, Florence, Rome and the Amalfi coast area. I have Rick's books and see all his gelato recommendations, but I really want to take it a step beyond and get gelato with balsamic vinegar for a truly different experience. Thanks

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periscope- I did do a search and have ideas. I also could get people's recommendations of places they went and enjoyed as well. LIterally the point of a forum, why not contribute?

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Hi Brandon, I assume you are referring to the presentation serving where the balsamic vinegar is like a dripped topping similar to a sundae vs. mixed into the gelato before freezing. If so, any interest in taking the 1-hour train from Florence to Modena to go to the source for the actual city famous for the balsamic vinegar? These are in the vicinity of the Duomo. And this would give you the chance to pick up a small bottle to take home.

Gioelia Cremeria Emilia
Gelateria Bloom

Another option is to take the food tour with Caterina Schenetti at Modena to get the full experience which finishes with gelato with balsamic vinegar. I was able to contact her through her FB page.

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Let a search engine be your friend - lots of returns on the query.

Just typed "gelato with balsamic vinegar " into the search engine and got 3 hits. This post was the only one that was actually about the topic.

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We had this about a month ago on the island of Burano (Venice). My friend asked me to get her a cup of pistachio gelato. I came out with strawberry drizzled with balsamic. She looked at me funny, tried it, and didn’t stop talking about it the rest of the trip. I’m pretty sure it was Gelateria Crema. It is on a corner, you enter from the alley and exit onto the piazza. Good luck with your quest, it’s a good one.

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Jean- yes that is where I was getting the idea from. May have to try and fit that into the trip somehow. I was hoping there would be other places but it may be worth it to go to the source it seems.

roubrat- I didn't know it was a thing until recently. I am very intrigued as well

Nelly- I will have to look into that. Thanks for the recommendation

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Brandon, I believe it was the Venice episode of Somebody Feed Phil (on Netflix) that showed this gelato with balsamic topping. It appeared to be a big hit with him. Thinking we might try the same when we are visiting Venice 5 days from now. Mmmmmmm.

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We tried it a couple of times somewhere in Italy and really loved it. It was well aged (almost like syrup) and had a slight sweet tang to it. You really should try it.

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MrBfromNC- yes, saw that episode (good show). They used a cherry balsamic on it. As TC said, it was thick and syrup like. I am going to make it my mission to find some. I will be there in 10 days. I will pass on what I find!

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Funny side story:

We 2 nights ago were having our last dinner in Italy (Positano) and my wife decided to order the steak (filet). It came with a choice of sauce which is a little odd for a filet here in the states but we both assumed would be a little sauce and/or a marinade for the meat.
One of the options was balsamic vinegar and I told her it would not be good on steak and to go with the red wine sauce option.
She asked the waiter and he convinced her to go with balsamic vinegar, saying it gave a perfect sweet and sour type combo that was delicious.

It came out and was like a bowl of vinegar soup with a perfectly good quality steak sitting in it ; absolutely ruined by the sour vinegar bath it was presented in.
After a couple of bites the taste was disgusting to both of us.
Came with a little side salad with excellent fresh local tomatoes but also had the same balsamic on it, which normally would be excellent but due to the overload with the steak she did not touch the salad either.
We did not complain but we were both baffled any chef would think that was a good idea ; the taste combo for one, but more important the quantity used.

I won't be looking to find gelato topped with it personally!

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Yeah, I've done the balsamic on the beef thing - I won't be fooled again.

Balsamic vinegar is an acquired taste - it's not a given that you'll enjoy it, period.

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A really thick syrupy type of balsamic is also good whisked into sparkling water for a refreshing drink.

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S J- wow, I didn't know that. That sounds interesting. Something I would definitely try. Thanks for that tidbit

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Please,please ,please… don’t ask for balsamic vinegar! The product you’re looking for is a Balsamic Glassa, a very heavy condensed syrup.
Not only good on steak and ice cream but salads too.

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like a bowl of vinegar soup with a perfectly good quality steak sitting in it ; absolutely ruined by the sour vinegar bath it was presented in.

Must have been really cheap or young balsamic or knockoff - real aged Balsamic is far too expensive to make a bath of.

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Was not a cheap piece of meat either.
Not the type to complain but my wife found it inedible and I did not disagree after trying a couple bites.

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Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix has an episode in Venice and he has gelato with balsamic in Modena. Go check it out.

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The first time we encountered this was at the wonderful pizzeria Centro in Cedar City, Utah (believe it or not)! Delicious. Make it at home with Napa Valley Naturals balsamic vinegar. And don't miss Centro if you're in Cedar City, which also has a Tony-award-winning Shakespeare Festival.

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When we were in Venice for a month in 2013, I bought a small bottle of that thick, syrupy balsamic whatever it’s-called to drizzle over thin slices of Parmigiano on crackers or crostini. It was delicious. And I can see how a teeny bit would be good on strawberry gelato. Maybe not on other flavors, though.

When we returned home, I poured that special balsamic into a smaller bottle and set it aside for special occasions. Last week my husband found it and used it to make his salad dressing because he couldn’t find the regular balsamic vinegar.

I hope he enjoys his salads.

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The Ponti balsamic dressing is one of the worst ever :-( : very industrial and chemical.

For the gelato you should use a "young" Traditional Balsamic Vinegar or a good Balsamic Vinegar (yes: are two different products! If you want to know the differences do a tour with me or Caterina in Modena and we explain you everything). The best matching over gelato in my opinion is with the custard or cream flavor, or even vanilla. But is not wrong even on other flavors.
In Venice or Florence I don't know where they use balsamic as topping. Unfortunately I believe that 90% of places use a cheap and industrial "balsamic dressing" (nothing to spare with a real Traditional Balsamic). In Venice for sure is sold the real Traditional Balsamic at Fondaco dei Tedeschi, at a normal cost (45€/bottle for the young): you can even purchase a bottle and put on the gelato when you are back at home.

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Thank you for the pointers on Balsamic Vinegar. I hope to visit the Modena area one day to try it myself. Perhaps you will still be doing tours then. I can hope. :)