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Gelato U.

The latest Time Magazine has an article on Carpigiati Gelato University in Bologna. It seems students from all over the world are traveling to Bologna to learn how to make gelato back home! There's hope for Arkansas yet!

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Maybe Pat, just maybe. But we will all continue to hope and pray for Arkansas.

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Patrick, I read the article, too, and drooled. Fortunately we have a small cafe here that serves decent, authentic gelato. I don't know where they learned how to make it, but at least we have a taste of Italy's frozen delight here. I guess that's an advantage of living in a university town. But yours is a university town, too, so maybe one day....

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We had a wonderful gelateria near my home; it was run by an Italian from Rome & the gelato was as authentic as it comes! Unfortunately business didn't take off & the owner closed shop & moved back to Rome. I miss it dearly...I'll keep my fingers crossed for another authentic gelateria! American ice cream simply doesn't compare.

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I read the article, also. I eat gelato early and often when I am in Italy. It is seriously good stuff. Gelato U...what will they think of next...

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