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Galleria Borghese

I have made a reservation for the Galleria Borghese in Rome. It says that I need to pick up my tickets at least 30 minutes prior to my reservation. I am wondering how early I need to arrive at the museum to get the tickets. I am concerned that I may be stuck in a long time. Has anybody done this recently? Thanks for any information you may have.

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We did this last month and arrived at 12:30 for a 1:00 reservation. The line was long but no problem. If you also have stuff to check (no bags or cameras) and there are 2 of you, split up and have one person get the tickets and the other check things in.

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We were there last week. We got there 45 minutes early. After picking up tickets, we walked around the lovely ground, quite enjoyable. There's also a small cafe and a nice gift/book shop. I didn't think the extra time was wasted. We took roninrome advise of #910 bus, steps away from the bus stop.

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Was there one week ago-30 mins is fine. We arrived 45 mins early and had a quick snack in their snack bar. Ditto on beautiful grounds.

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Just a note...this was our all time favorite museum! We went in and of course there were some tours along with us, but if you take your time they all leave and you can stay and enjoy it all by yourself! Or at least we thought they left. We later found out there was an upstairs section that we totally missed! We never saw stairs elevator or anything. But, to be alone downstairs with such amazing sculptures ...was priceless!!

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We were there during the second week of May - arrived at 2:05 for our 2:00 reservation - no problem - reason we were late we waited for the 910 bus for 45 minutes at the Termini stop - never showed up - ended up taking Metro & walking from the Spagna stop - BTW - directions in RSteves guide from Metro to Galleria accurate.

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the Borghese was my favorite out of all the museums. But I didn't know it was also in the middle of a beautiful park. Take the time to walk the park a bit. There are things to see and do so don't be afraid to get there a little early to just walk around. By the way, we used every second allowed in the museum.

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Judith -- When the reservation says 30 minutes early, they mean. We ran late in traffic, arrived right at entry time, and were initially turned away. Be early and walk around the beautiful gardens before hand.

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Hi Judith, we were at the Borghese last week. You must arrive at least 30 mins. prior to picking up your tickets..and check in your handbags, etc. Try and NOT be late.

If you need to use the ladies room, (the attendant
was not really friendly) you must show your TICKET
before she would allow you to use it.

Took Metro A to reach the Borghese..followed Rick's
excellent directions in his book. Afterwards, went
back down into the underground Metro area to exit
by the Spanish Steps. Decided on something different
for lunch...had McD's tired of pizzas,
sandwiches, etc.

Trevi Fountain is not far away either as is the Pantheon.

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We followed Rick's advice about starting upstairs while everyone crowds around the first couple of lower rooms and then leaves. By the time we made it downstairs we had the galleria to ourselves. We went through the lower level twice enjoying details we didn't notice the first time around.

Do get there 30 min. early to pick up your tickets. It allows you time to drop off purses, cameras, backpacks, etc. Use the facilities if needed and walk some of the grounds while you wait. The time will not be wasted.

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I was there a few weeks ago and arrived 30 minutes in advance and it was no problem. The line was long but moved it quickly. My only gripe is that the museum doesn't allow you to carry ANYTHING in. If you have a purse of any size, you have to check it. I was little put off by this because I wasn't expecting it but it turned out fine.

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This link will give some additional info on the Galleria Borghese, along with maps and pictures...

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I'm wondering if it is best to book a tour of Galleria Borghese or to visit on our own? Any suggestions?

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You can easily do it on your own, unless you're interested in paying for the additional information/background that comes with a tour. In terms of size, the Borghese is only two levels (of art). Most or all of the exhibits have small signs, though I can't remember if they are in Italian only or Italian and English, but Rick's guidebook has pretty good descriptions of the major pieces such as Bernini's statues.

I did it once with a tour and once without, and it was equally good both ways.