FYI: Roma Pass

I just got off of the phone with Roma Pass and the price is going up in May from 30E to 35E. If you buy it now you can lock into the lower price and pick it up there up to 6 months from purchase.

Posted by Becky
Woodinville, WA
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Thanks, Stay-ce! We will be going in May and were waiting to buy when we got there. We'll go ahead and buy ahead of time. Thanks for the tip!

Posted by Luis
Sylmar, CA, USA
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Actually the price will raise to 34 euros in May 1, 2013. If you buy online now, and collect it on or after that date, you will have to pay the new price.

Posted by SamSn
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
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I don't think it's worth it once the price goes up unless you are unable to walk to sights. The center of Rome is so compact that we rarely use public transportation. Unless other changes come with price increase such as longer use of time or greater number of free entrances I would skip it.

Posted by Stay-ce
Northern California
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Sorry, I don't know why I wrote 35E it is 34E. I called and spoke to the woman on the phone yesterday. They are open until 9pm their time so it was easy to call, press 2 for English. I am getting the Roma & Più Pass. You can't preorder it. It has to be purchased there and it is only 32€. She said that it is not going to go up. I printed out the PDF list of sites( it tells you the reg price and the discounted price)and added up the costs plus transportation. It was more than worth it for us. We are going to Ostia and Tivoli. The cost of the train to Tivoli and buses within were our deciding factor.

Posted by Bethanne
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Thanks for the update, we used it in 2011 and it was 25E's then, I'll have to evaluate if it's worth it for what were going to be seeing this time around again in November. :)

Posted by donna
cranberry twp, PA, United States
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The train and entry to Ostia Antica are covered by the regular romapass however, Tivoli is not. Donna