Fun in Rome with Kids

I'll be in Rome with my family in July. Does anyone have suggestions for fun things to do there for my two sons? They are 14 yrs. and 11 yrs. old.

Posted by Glenda
Hixson, Tennessee, USA
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My kids really enjoyed the catacombs. Be sure they know not to try to go off on their own though. It is a little dark and spooky and most kids love it. There is also a nice park in Rome but I can't remember the name. Mine also enjoyed the McDonalds near the Spanish Steps. Just to compare to those at home!

Posted by Jason
Nederland, CO
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Along the lines of Glenda's catacombs suggestion, I'd add teh Cappucin Crypt on the Via Veneto.

Posted by Melissa
Stockton, CA, USA
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I would suggest a bike ride down the Appianne Way. (Yes I'm sure that's spelled wronge.) Great exersise and you can rent the bikes right there.

Posted by Ann
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I suggest seeing the Miracle Players perform. You can see them for free in front of the Marmatine prison in the Forum during the summer. The show is in english. We saw them perform "Caesar, Not Just a Salad". It was informative as well as very funny. My boys loved it. Check out their website for more info. I don't believe they have set their 2007 schedule yet.

Posted by Robyn
Queensland, Australia
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We were in Rome over Christmas and my kids 14 & 16 enjoyed riding the open decked double decker bus 110. Also as someone else said the Capuccin Crypt. We didn't actually pay to go into anything much being as most things were closed 25/26 Dec, but were just as happy walking the streets. There were also people doing great spray paintings I think on Via del Corso, but maybe they were Christmas specific, but we watched several of those being done, and bought one which we saw being done of the Colosseum at night Whilst we rushed through the Vatican museum to get to the Sistine Chapel before closing, they had really wanted to spend time looking at a lot of the statues (an interest they hadn't really shown before).