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Full name required on CDC vaccine card?

From another question in this Italy forum, it seems that the paper CDC card works fine for verification of being vaccinated. The name on your airline reservation is supposed to completely match the name on your passport. If the CDC card has either omitted the middle name completely (not even an initial for myself) or only listed a middle initial (my wife) while our passports each have our full middle names listed - could this be a problem? I'm thinking in particular for initial entry into Italy.

Perhaps I am being a bit paranoid here, but trying to anticipate any problems. When my wife and I were vaccinated in March 2021, it never dawned on me to insist with our health care provider that our full names (matching our passports) be recorded on the CDC cards. I would probably have to hassle with our health care provider to get our full names on the cards at this point.

We are scheduled for an RSE Heart of Italy in 9 Days tour in late May 2022.

Thanks for any info or experiences.

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Nobody uses middle names in Italy, or cares of.

Anyway, I doubt they'll ask an obvious American tourist to show his/her passport: if you boarded a flight from US you must have been vaccinated and they know it.

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As Dario says, having middle names at all is an American thing, unless you're royalty. It's on my passport, but even the airlines truncate it, omit it, or jumble it together with first name, on tickets. Never an issue.

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On our trip last month, when we were asked to show CDC cards to sit inside restaurants, and most other times, simply possessing a CDC card seemed to be adequate. Mabe verifying there were 2 vaccination dates was done, or type of vaccine, I don’t know, but we usually got a very cursory glance at the card, and no question about our names, or if we were the actual person named on it. Three museums wanted to see I.D. as well, but only one actually compared the name on the passport with the name on the card. The other two saw our cards, and then looked at I.D.’s, separately from the card.

For Italians with a green pass QR code on their smartphones, it seemed that merely having a QR code on a phone screen was enough. The codes didn’t seem to be getting scanned everywhere, so how they knew the person presenting the code was the actual, vaccinated person, I can’t be certain.

Italy has had a higher vaccination success than the USA so far, so having documentation is perhaps seen as just more assurance that their citizens are vaccinated. I can’t speak for the border immigration staff, but your passport has your name(s) and photo, and your CDC card has most of your names. You’ll be a welcome visitor at the border.

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I am in Italy now. So far, showing the CDC card alone has been sufficient at restaurants, museums, etc. No comparisons with other ID. Only the hotel asked to see our passports. The name that I commonly use as my first name is actually my middle name, and when asked what name I prefer to be called that is the name I give. For this reason when the nurse filled out my CDC card, she wrote only my last and middle names on the card. I became concerned that that might be a problem so I very carefully wrote in my first name on the card (fortunately there was sufficient space between my last and middle names to do so). The card has been accepted everywhere including by the Verifly app.

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We just completed a European trip. Not having the middle name on my CDC card did not prevent it being accepted in issuing me a Pass Sanitaire (this is the French vaccine passport needed to enter museums, restaurants etc) nor did it cause problems at the airline in either direction when I had to upload copies and produce it at the airport to prove vaccination status. No one cared. No one I know has their middle name on their CDC card.

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We were in Italy 10/1 to 10/15. My CDC card has only my middle initial and passport has full middle name. We had no problem with entry to Italy or any of the places in Italy that required a green pass for entry. We had passport holders with a place for the CDC card so always offered both when asked but only one museum seemed to actually compare the names on the two documents. The CDC card does not seemed to be closely scrutinized in Italy. I think you will be fine.

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Thanks to all who replied. Seems like it will not matter so that's great!

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I just returned from Italy. My covid white card just has my first and last names and my passport has all three. No one cared. Very few places even looked at my ID. I would say maybe 3 places in the 16 days we were there really made sure the names matched. On our next to last day we were talking to some fellow tourists from the US and they told us if you bring your vaccination white card to a pharmacy in Italy they will make it so you can have a scannable version like the green pass. I hope this information helps

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If you are worried, take your card to your pharmacy and as for a new one. I forgot my card when I got my booster. The pharmacist put the booster on the 3rd line of a blank card and told me to copy the info from the first card on to it.

No, I didn't do it, and I carry all the vaccine receipts too.