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From Siena to San Galgano - how?

Anyone knows how to use public transportation to visit the Abbey of San Galgano? I'll be staying in Siena. I don't mind walking for a few kilometers.
Thanks a lot.

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Per RS online, "Although a bus reportedly comes here from Siena, this sight is realistically accessible only for drivers. It's just outside of Monticiano (not Montalcino), about an hour south of Siena. A warning to the queasy: These roads are curvy."

Ask the place you're staying in for their ideas.

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Siena's tourism service office is useless in this.

That's their reply for my question:
"all the info that you wrote down sound correct to me according to the info given by .
Please double check at the train station when buying the tickets."

I rented a car and drove to Monteciano, because Rick's book mentioned it. You should drive over Monteciano for 4 km. I parked my car at Monteciano under a sign for "parking San Galgano", and following the walking trail sign, which claims to be 2km. But the sign must be years old, as a bridge over the river was taken off.

For public transportation, this is the closest of what I can find, as I asked the Siena tourism service office:

" Could you please tell me know to go to Abbey San Galgano from Siena? Using public transportation.

Here're the two options I found. Are they still correct?
1) bus 122
leaves the train station at 13:40 goes to Palazzetto. cannot find a useful return schedule.
2) the Siena-Massa Marittima bus.
leaves the train station at 14:05 goes to Palazzetto. returns from Palazzetto at 17:25.

Is Palazzetto the correct stop to get off the bus?

How far is Palazzetto from the Abbey? 30 minutes' walk?"