From Rome to Civitavecchia

We are staying near Gemelli train station and need to get to Citvitavecchia on Saturday with luggage. I do not think I can manage to walk stairs with luggage so would like information on how we can get to our cruise ship other than hiring a taxi, which we understand is very expensive. Any thoughts??

Posted by Frank
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If you cannot do stairs then that is a problem. The other possibility is find a shared shuttle or limo with another couple going to Civit. Have you signed on to your ship on Best way to find someone else to share a taxi. Most people from Rome take the train to Civit... About a quarter mile walk along the beach to the port entrance for your ship. The train runs about three times an hour and takes about an hour depending on the train. There is a city mini bus that goes from the train station to the port entrance. You can use that but I have seen very long lines for the bus but it could be better than walking. Once at the port entrance there will be a shuttle bus direction to your cruise ship check in point. Also, reduce you luggage, for the two of us we take only three carryon size bags. Two backpack style and one rolling. And we cruise Holland Am which still has formal nights.

Posted by Laura
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Italian train stations have made many mobility improvements, but I can't address whether your specific stations have elevators or escalators. It's possible for infirm and elderly passengers to reserve boarding assistance at Roma S. Pietro station (where you would make a train connection) but Gemelli station is not on the list of those offering service. Perhaps you would take a short taxi ride to S. Pietro station, instead of making that connection by train. Do pack as light as you can, since there still may be times when you handle your own bags.

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Perhaps some one who has actually used this station will chime in, but Wikipedia shows that San Pietro station has escalators and elevators. If you take the 8:59 (or earlier) train from Gemelli, you have a 20 minutes change of trains there. Assuming you need to change platforms, that should be plenty of time. So you should only need help getting to the platform at Gemelli. Perhaps your hotel can help you on that end? You should be in Civitaveccia by 10:18. If you are slow making the change, you can always wait another half hour for the next train to Civitaveccia provided you leave early enough.

Posted by Harold
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I second Frank's advice to go on Cruise Critic and sign up for the Roll Call for your sailing. You should not have trouble finding someone else to share a limo with from Rome to Civitavecchia, to split the costs. Here's the direct link to the Roll Calls Forum:

Posted by Frank
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While everyone is focusing on the beginning the Civit.... end probably is potentially worse. There are at least three platforms at the Civit.. station. So if the train from Rome comes in on one of the platforms not next to the station there will be stairs down and up using the passage way under the tracks. Just outside of the station is a parking area with taxi and mini bus pick up points. No stairs. Getting a taxi to the port entrance (about a quarter mile) is next to impossible given that nobody wants a quarter mile fare. But maybe for an 10E offer they might be willing. Ask !!! The mini bus was a 1.10E about three years ago so it will be closer to 1.5E today. The line for the mini bus will be long. The waiting time may be worth it. If you walk, which I assume you would not but for others, you cross the parking area and take a set of stairs down to the sidewalk/roadway. Cross the road, turn right. Flat walk along the beach to the port entrance. Don't need to worry about getting lost. When you exit the station you probably can see your ship plus you will have dozens of other folks headed in the same direction. So just follow the flow. We have made that run seven or eight times.