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Freccia summer tickets now available

Hi all,

Just thought I would let you know that at least for June and July, the Frecciarosa and Frecciargento tickets are available to purchase. (I purchased Milan-Venice, Venice-Florence, Florence-Rome). I was able to buy the "senior" and the "young" fares as well, using our CartaFreccia numbers. I also purchased the vaporetto passes at the same time.

I do have a question about the vaporetto passes, do I need to exchange the voucher for an actual card?

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Yes to the question about the vaporetto pass voucher. You must have the actual card to “tap in” (validate” before boarding the vaporetto. There are strict fines if you don’ t have the actual card and validate it each time you board the vaporetto.

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yes, you absolutely must tap in before boarding a vaporetto - technically before you board the dock...

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So @Nigel and @Lola, I go to the ticket office and exchange the vouchers for a plastic card?

Thanks again,

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I purchased my tickets up through June 11 a week ago. The Trenitalia website wouldn’t let me book past that date. Just read your post and tried to buy the rest (fly back home late June), and it wouldn’t bring up any options, yet, for Pisa-to-Perugia, etc.

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it wouldn’t bring up any options, yet, for Pisa-to-Perugia, etc.

Most probably because you are trying to buy months in advance tickets for local trains with no reserved seats that can't sell out.

tmalave has listed only high speed trains. Just wait for June 12, or check the schedules again in early may. In both cases you'll have the same odds of getting a seat as the millennial who got tickets online 20 minutes before the departure time.