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Food Jewish Quarter Rome

Can anyone recommend a great non-tourist trattoria in the Jewish Quarter for Spring and for lunch?

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Watch the Alex Polizzi episode of Secret Italy on Rome, she used to live there and revisits some places

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The Jewish Quarter is about a block long and all the restaurants look touristy. For non-tourist trattorias, best to go across the bridge to Trastevere :-)

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Da Giggetto, adjacent to the Portico d'Ottavia, made an order of bucatini alla Amatriciana in 2010 that is to this day the best single dish I've enjoyed in Italy. The fried artichokes were stellar as well. Unfortunately, the rest of the meal was only fair.

Only other place in the Jewish Quarter was a bar that served fried olives, that was offsetting me drinking multiple Nastro Azzurro beers while trying to flush out a nasty kidney stone.

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I stayed in the area and went to both Nonna Betta and Ba’ghetto that Janis mentions. It any be a tourist ed area but both meals were quite good and sitting outside in a pedestrian area is always a good choice. Ba’ghetto has two locations to keep kosher so check menus to see which is most appealing.

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I will add to KC’s comment on “touristy” We have always eaten outdoors when visiting and enjoyed sitting with the locals as well as the “tourists.” We visit Jewish quarters wherever we travel & Rome has been a favorite.

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  • BOCCIONE: not a restaurant, but a bakery/patisserie that's still open after 300 years deserves a visit.
  • Bellacarne Once upon a time it was known for meat-based dishes
  • Yotvatà the best Artichoke Jewish style

A non touristy restaurant in central Rome is like an unicorn, but there are places that do not obviously cater only to tourists.

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hey hey brkpd1 Roman jewish ghetto
lots of info for this small area. years ago we roamed through this area, not knowing much, but enjoyed the quiet. now it’s more prevalent with many interested people
Stanley Tucci did a food special last year and visited this area with a fabulous “nonna” growing up here and cooking, owning couple restaurants. the artichokes looked fabulous, you may see someone outside cleaning them up for cooking. we had one when we went to the Jewish ghetto in Venice. the Jewish ghetto of rome
learn the history, how to get here and where to eat. walk thru campo de fiori, cross over the Tiber river to trastevere and you’ll find it. enjoy