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Food choices in Italy

Our daughter does not like cheese and is thinking there won't be much variety for her while we are in Italy. I really can't remember from when we have been there before since I like cheese! What kind of variety will she find?Do they serve hamburgers, or baked chicken, etc.? Or will "American" food be hard to find?

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If no cheese is the only restriction there are alot of things for her to still eat.

Pasta, Sandwiches, fruit,Breads the list is endless
find a grocery store and you'll be set just like home.

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You will be able to find any kind of food. Italians don't live on cheese alone.

We had turkey last time we were there. You will find chicken on the menu. Spaghetti with a red sauce has no cheese. There are Chinese resturants, Indian resturants, etc. You don't always have to eat "Italian"

Worst case, take her to McDonalds (yuck) if she's that picky. There are McD's in all the big cities (not the small hill top towns)

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"Sensa Formaggio, perfavore!" (without cheese pleeze!" While many items incorp cheese - there is PLENTY without as other mentioned. Seafood and pastas with olive-oil or red sauces. Grilled meats and vegies all over (they use plenty of olive oil on the grille - but its good for you, right!) Or just let her eat Gelatto the whole trip - cant go wrong there! :P But there are plenty of choices - dont worry!