Food Available of Train?

We are taking the high speed trenitalia 2nd class from Rome to Venice. Will there be food available (vendors, dining car or ???)
After our continental breakfast at the hotel we will be on the train from around 10:40AM to 2:20PM so we will need a decent meal, while traveling. If there is food on the train is it pretty decent or should we consider bringing a picnic lunch from a Rome spot?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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You can walk to the bar/restaurant car (usually at the center of the train) and eat there. They also have a cart service for snacks and stuff like that. Or you can carry your own snacks purchased on the ground (probably cheaper than the snacks on board).

Posted by Laurel
Rome, Italy
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Take panini and fruit with you, water too. We often grab panini in the station at Chef Express. Cheapest bottled water in Rome is in the Conad store in the lower level of Termini.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Sharon, As the others have mentioned, there are several options: > Go to the dining car for a meal (I never do that as I'd have to haul my packs with me, or they might not be there when I get back). > Buy something from the food cart, which will come through the cars several times. The food isn't the best quality, but it's tolerable. The coffee is usually instant, which I don't like (but I'll put up with it occasionally). > Buy a Panini, some snacks and beverage at Roma Termini prior to departure. There are LOTS of food outlets in the station right at track level (including McDonalds), and as Laurel mentioned the Conad store one floor down has lots of items. Your best bet for a "decent meal" is probably the dining car, although the Panini's from Termini are usually freshly made that day so they're also "decent". Happy travels!

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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Buy something for a picnic lunch at the station, the food cart stuff is not great and the selection is very limited. Restaurant cars are not always opn or may be crowded, and they are expensive.

Posted by Sharon
Santa Fe
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Thanks everyone!
All your answers gave me a much clearer sense. We know the morning pastries and coffee at the hotel won't hold us and we like good food so we will pack a lunch for the ride north.