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Follow up to trying to get a refund from KLM

I finally got thru to a person from a call center in Canada who said that in my situation I need to speak to a person. Resolving the problem can't be done on line. Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to get thru to them. Anybody else having the same experience.
wpgefg in Maryland

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Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to get thru to them

Define "next to impossible".

Many folks report it can require hours waiting on hold to get through to any airline currently. You should prepare to listen to their hold music for a long, long time. Call, put 'em on speaker, then watch cat videos or do whatever you want as you wait for them to get to you. Don't expect instant results.

Personally, I spent 2 hours on hold a couple days ago trying to get through to Air France. After waiting on hold for that long, the line clicked and my call was dropped. I shrugged, let it go for the day, tried calling again the next morning, and got right through to them with no hold at all.

Be patient. Be flexible. They've got their hands full. The world has changed. We all have to deal with that.

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I spoke with a KLM rep last week; I expected it would take quite some time to get through to customer service and wasn't disappointed:). She was very helpful; the refund was processed quickly and efficiently. Three cheers for customer service reps!

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Thousands of airline flight cancellations. Hundreds of thousands of passengers. Sadly, someone will be served first and someone will be served last.