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Flying Ryanair from Milan to Palermo


We need to buy tickets to fly from Milan to Palermo in November this year, and we will each have a carryon bag and a personal bag. The size of the personal bag is that of a duffle bag. One of the options offered by Ryanair is a 20 kg check-in bag but a 10kg overhead locker bag is not included. Another option includes a 10kg overhead locker bag but no 20 kg check-in bag.

Do you know if we could pay for the check-in bag? If yes, do you know how much it would be? I couldn't find the information at the website.

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After you have selected your seat you will then get a page to add checked baggage at €15.39 for a 10kg 55x40x20cm bag or €25.84 for a 20kg 120x120x80cm bag

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Taking the "plus" fare bundle, you get the 20 kg checked bag, reserved seat, airport check-in and a personal item to carry on (check size requirements, it is intended to go under your seat) Not sure how big your duffle is, but might qualify as a personal bag.

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Yes, we chose the plus fair bundle so we can check our carryon bags. We are still deciding what "personal bag" we want to bring along, so we added a 10 kg bag each to be safe. Thank you for all your advice.