Flying out of Naples

Our flight departs Naples on Luthhansa at 1:30 PM on the last Sunday in April (to Frankfurt) to connect to our United flight back to the US. 1) Can we check-in online and print boarding passes the day before so we only have to go through security directly to our gate? Or do we have to check in at the counter? are are there Kiosks? 2) What time should we arrive at the airport (carry-on only, no checked bags) 3) Thinking about taking the Curreri bus. Departs Sorrento at 10:30 am and RS book says it takes 1.5 hours, so will arrive at airport at noon. Is this bus reliable and time sound about right? It's a Sunday, but April 25th is Liberation day so this is an Italian Holiday weekend. Should we worry about traffic?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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You must be at the airport and complete your check in procedures 45 min. prior to departure. Getting there 75 min. prior to departure will do. Never flown from Naples however Lufthansa has online checkin. If you have no bags to check, you can go directly to the gate with your printed boarding documents. There shouldn't be traffic going back to Naples that early on Sunday (maybe later in the evening)

Posted by gerri
lexington, il
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The Naples airport is very small, check in online and print boarding passes...if this is a codeshare with Alitilia you may have to check in at the counter. An hour and a half should give you plenty of time. I would check with Curreri Viaggi to see if they have a holiday scheduel...better safe than sorry.

Posted by Karen
Santa Rosa, CA
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Thanks for the feedback. We booked using miles with United, but we see our reservations on the Lufthansa web site, so we should be able to print the boarding passes from the hotel the day before. Once we are in Sorrento, we'll double check the bus schedule with Curreri. We were thinking about taking the Circumvesuvia train and taxi to the airport, but I think the bus sounds simpler.