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Flying ITA

Hi all,

I am in the process of purchasing tickets to fly from Rome to Greece. I have checked both ITA and Aegean, and ITA has a better flight and is also significantly less expensive. Can anyone share their experience flying with them? Or have any suggestions for other airlines for this route? This will be for July.

Thank you in advance.

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ITA is the new version of Alitalia. I flew this route with Alitalia some years ago and it was fine for a 2 hour flight. If the price and timing work for you go for it.

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ITA has been in existence for less than 4 months, so not much 'history' to go on.

My suspicions, not based on any hard fact research, are
1- The planes are the ones Alitalia used. Some may have the new name painted on them.
2- A lot of the staff are former Alitalia employees
3- too soon to tell if there has been a real cultural change, or just a new name with the debt wiped away.

For a 2 hr flight choosing among the available airlines . for me, would be a matter of schedule and the TOTAL cost.
When I have looked at a 'regular' airline and an 'economy' airline, the initial saving of the 'economy' airline shrinks/disappears once baggage fees, seat selection and whatever else they throw in has been added up.

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I flew on ITA from Rome to Palermo last November. They are the replacement for Alitalia which went out of business. Everything went just fine on my flight, pretty much like any domestic flight that I’ve been on.

A heads up - Their cheapest fare only allows for a small carry-on and I think they are pretty strict as to size and weight. I chose the next higher fare that included a checked bag. Neither of these fares allowed for free seat selection, but I figured I could live with any seat on such a short flight. I ended up with window seats.

I will be flying again with them in March.

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Tried to fly ITA from London to Rome in mid-January; about three weeks prior we received notification that the flight was cancelled. The alternative provided was a one-stop, five hour trip--so I opted for a refund (a link was included). The refund appeared on our credit card within 24 hours. Based on that experience I'd try again if the route and price were right.