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Florence Walking Tour companies

I typically use Walks of Italy, and will be for most of our stay next May in Italy. On our Florence leg, many of the listed tours are suspended in Florence. Thankfully our favorite is still on, but I need need another one.

I’m looking for another really great company to choose from their options. Thanks!

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Lulu, I wouldn't completely give up on WOI's available options just yet? It's possible they're just not scheduling some of them for late next spring yet. This darn virus is such a fluid situation!

As well, can you describe in a bit more detail what sort of tour you're looking for? Say, what you want to see that's not covered in the favorite that's still scheduled? That said, I see that Walkabout got a number of thumbs-up from posters who've used them:

Context has also gotten high marks from posters who've used them, although their tours can also be quite expensive or not depending on budget and number of people in your traveling group.

Just a couple. :O) I'm crossing EVERYTHING that you're finally able to do this trip! I remember what a disappointment it was to have to cancel! 🤞

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We had an excellent experience with ArtViva’s walking tour in Florence.

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Thank you Kathy and Suzi, I will look into both.

Kathy, our 2nd cancelled trip is approaching this coming week. We were all supposed to leave on Wednesday. This time it doesn’t seem as heart wrenching as last year though. I know we could have gone, but by June I was tired of all the nail biting and worrying if it would be a go. Plus, I was in no mood to tour in a mask. Everyone felt the same way in my family, so we ended up in Siesta Key fir a family vacation.

Looking towards next May, I can’t believe we’re all still wondering what will be happening. I have to say, I think if the mask mandate inside is still going on, we may do it. At that point it will be 2.5 years since our initial decision to take our sons, who have never been to Europe. We want to make one last family trip before one of them gets married, which I think might happen soon. I almost wish we had just gone ahead this fall, but no use in regrets.

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Hi. I am scheduled to join a Sarah Murdoch staycation in Florence next March. I have not really begun prepping, but I know she has lots of guides listed on her Guide Collective website.

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Hi Lulu348.

Eating Europe--Florence Tour is running and their sunset tour is amazing. We took it in 2019. It is a great combination of visiting local shops and restaurants along with history and culture. The only recommendation is go hungry--there is a lot of food on this tour. If they are still visiting the Cheese King, you must carve out some time in our your tour to purchase the fresh pecorino.


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I am scheduled for a “Walks” tour of Tuscany from Florence on Wednesday (arrived in Florence today). Will share if there is anything notable.

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hey hey lulu348
not knowing what will happen tomorrow more less next month. at least you can bookmark a few things to check out and research before your trip
so many exciting adventures listed, windows
food and wine tours, cooking classes, dinner in residents homes with others chianti
a day tour near panzano and greve for tasting of wine, cheese, meats and olive oil. then have lunch with dario cecchini, italy's famous butcher, at his meat market/restaurant.
many different tours with people places and things to do
we found a pedicab in florence center, when our feet and paws were sore, and gave him cash euros for about an hour and half, turns out he was studying opera and he sang thru the streets and alleys, over the bridge and dropped us off at one of his better restaurants/cafe. fun made up tour.
have fun with whatever you decide, so much to see and do.