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Florence, Volterra, Siena by bus

I am thinking about going by bus to Volterra from Florence and then take the bust to Siena to spend the night. Is this doable or too much? Would San Giamangia be better than Volterra (more buses)? Or should we just do Siena? Thanks!

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San Giamangia is on the way to Sienna from Florence (a lot of the buses will stop there). We did Florence to Sienna by bus. Be sure to ask your driver where to pick up the bus on the way back. We didn't and inadvertently got on another company's bus as we couldn't find our bus. The buses are run be private companies and they are not the least helpful if you're on the other busline.

The bus station is next to the central train station. Tickets were ~$12 RT if I remember right.

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Hello. Yes, you can do that, by bus, but I'm confused as to why you'd want to. Volterra is well worth an overnight stay- food is excellent, rooms not very expensive, two fine wine bars (La Vena del Vino my favorite)- the views of the countryside are fantastic, the people are friendly, and it is less crowded than Siena. It's a gem-

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Your bus trip is possible, but you'd need to pay very close attention to schedules. SITA buses run between Florence and Col Val d'Elsa and Col Val d'Elsa and Siena. You would need use CPT buses between Col Val d'Elsa and Volterra. You could buy your 2 SITA tickets in Florence, but you may need to buy the CPT tickets in Col Val d'Elsa. A morning trip to Volterra and a late afternoon return to Siena can be done, but be sure to confirm schedules in advance.

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Thanks so much for all the advice.

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In the travel book, it says that there are buses 5/days a week from Florence to Volterra. Have you heard of buses that goto Volterra on Sat.?

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Any reason why you cannot rent a car? You can do it all by bus, but you have to be an expert in schedules and you'll spend a lot of time on the bus and waiting for them. Not exactly the best use of limited vacation time, which seems to be your case.

You can rent a car for a few days and do all these towns quite easily.